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Boba Tea, Bubble Tea or Pearl Tea is a Taiwanese-based drink often featuring a delicious combination of toppings such as: tapioca pearls, lychee, pudding and/or fruit. Though milk tea has been part of East Asian culture for a long time,  it is now an exclusive drink that is enjoyed by many. Its limitless variety allows you to find a flavor that you will crave on the daily. 

Boba Lab started as a project to bring the tasty combinations of Boba tea to our valley! We commit to provide an accommodating space where you can enjoy refreshing quality drinks with your friends and family!



We obsess over the quality of our tea with the desire to kindle a top-tier experience in an inclusive and safe environment.



To be a multi-faceted company that prides in innovation, diversity, and creativity to excel in the beverage industry.



  • Service: Going above and beyond when it comes to our clients.

  • Diversity and inclusion: Appreciating the uniqueness behind every person's background, culture, and orientation.

  • Respect: Empathy and understanding reflected in every interaction.

  • Integrity and accountability: Transparency in the production, advertisement, and cost of our products.

  • Creativity: Actively improving the quality and variety of our beverages.


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